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Below you will see the various components for our Wingrail Suspension System.
Also see the mounting instruction.

Wingrails are supplied in lengths of 6’6”

Wingrail Connector

Wingrail End Profile

This is only used for the D-Lux bottom to enhance the appearance of
the System.

Mini Cleat

The Mini Cleat applies to half-round systems to ensure that the duct
stays fully stretched. It must be ordered together with a Pull Cord.


The Feeder is designed for easy feeding of the duct when mounting
Fasttrack systems.

Wingrail system

Euro Air Wingrail System

Install the first Wingrail

Insert the Wingrail Connector into the Wingrail

Tighten the first screw in the Wingrail Connector

Push the next Wingrail into the Wingrail Connector

Tighten the next screw in the Wingrail Connector

Further components

AirSox SRD (Static Regain Diffuser). Here shown with zip

Clamp for fitting the AirSox duct to the metal duct.

The METU Frame connects the AirSox duct to the metal duct

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