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Listed below are the various components for the Flexrail Suspension
System. Please also refer to the mounting instruction.

Flexrails are supplied in lengths of 6’6”

Flexrail Connector

The Flexrail Connector is also applied as a suspension fitting for the
Threaded Rod and the Strap Up.

Flexrail Supporting Unit

The supporting unit is only for support purposes for the Threaded rod
Strap-Up and is not a connector.

Flexrail Ceiling Connector

With the Flexrail Ceiling Connector the Flexrail can be installed flush
to the ceiling.

Mini Cleat

The Mini Cleat is used for round systems to ensure fully stretched ducts.
It must be ordered together with a Pull Cord.


The Feeder is designed for easy installation of the duct when mounting
Fasttrack systems.

Flexrail End Cap

This is used to close off the Flexrail to the outer surroundings.

Flexrail System with Threaded Beam

Slide in Flexrail into Flexrail Connector

Tighten the first screw in the Flexrail Connector

Slide in a new Flexrail into the Flexrail Connector

Tighten the second screw of the Flexrail Connector

AirSox Flexrail System with Threaded Beam

The AirSox Supporting Unit is used at the ends of the Flexrail. Flexrail
connectors will connect the 6’6” long Flexrails and also to suspend the
Flexrail System from the ceiling. Here it is shown with a threaded rod

Max. distance between the supporting units/flexrail connectors is 6’6”

Assembly of Threaded rod

Assembly of Threaded rod

Threaded rod

Threaded rod Ceiling Connector

Threaded rod Connector

Flexrail System with Strap-up

AirSox Flexrail System with Strap-up (wire)

Other components

AirSox SRD (Static Regain Diffuser). Shown with zip.

Clamp for fitting the AirSox duct to the metal duct.

The METU Frame connects the AirSox duct to the metal duct.

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