Clips and Wire (suspension)
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Below you will see the various components for our Clips and Wire
Suspension System. Also see the mounting instruction.

The wire is made of galvanized steel with PVC coating. Diameter
Ø3 mm (incl. coating).

The wire is also available in stainless steel (AISI 316) Ø 3 mm.

Turn buckle

Wire locknut

Strap-up for wire suspension

Assembly of wire suspension system

Fasten turnbuckle securely in horizontal position. Feed wire through
eyelet of the turnbuckle.

Attach the first wire locknut to hold/fix the wire.

Install second wire locknut.

Wire system with strap-up.

Make sure that the wire is fully stretched in order to obtain a nice,
well-functioning system. Max. distance between strap-ups is 5.000 mm.

AirSox SRD (Static Regain Diffuser). Here with zip.

Clamp for fitting the AirSox duct to the metal duct.

The METU frame connects the AirSox duct with the metal duct.

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